Welcome to Frithyeer Farm!

Site last updated on March 23, 2018

We are a new small rabbitry just north of Houston, Texas, producing Rex, Mini Lop, and mixed breed rabbits for show, fur, and meat.  Frityeer Farm is a registered rabbitry with the ARBA , and we are excited to begin showing our first home-produced show rabbits this year!

We specialize in Agouti, Tort, and Steel Mini Lops, alongside Castor, Chinchilla, and Otter Rexes, in both solid and broken patterns.  In the future we will also be taking on the rare American White and Blanc de Hotot rabbits, and the beautiful Havana.  Our goals are beautiful, healthy purebreed rabbits perfect for any purpose – show, brood, or companionship.

Our meat mutt rabbits are based on Texas A&M’s Composite rabbits, crossed with extra Champagne d’Argent and Harlequin to produce beautiful colours and patterns in every litter, while maintaining a quick growth rate and good dress out ratio.  They are perfect for a small family meat breeding operation.


We are primarily show and meat producers.  Rabbits make excellent pets, but they are NOT a “beginner” or a children’s pet.  They require lots of specialized care and effort to keep them happy and healthy.   If you would like to purchase a rabbit as a pet, please see our rabbit care page and make sure you are ready for the commitment!  We do not sell our rabbits for any major holiday, or as gifts for others without the recipient present.

See our For Sale page to see our available rabbits!


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